Philosophy can only be represented in practice. –Novalis

Writing on Heidegger, German philosophy, Kant, Hegel, Marx, Arendt, Ancient Greek philosophy, politics, and technology.

About the name “not philosophy”:

It’s just a catchy name I came up with to play with the idea of a perspective that is in some ways outside mainstream professional philosophy, even while being in other ways thoroughly philosophical.

When asked why she does not consider herself a philosopher, when it is clear to all that her work fits into the tradition of thinking called philosophy, Arendt replied that she wanted no part in the traditional enmity between philosophy and politics, that the philosopher can no longer be neutral with regard to politics.

Thus, this site is not about an enmity toward philosophy but, to the contrary, about a belief in the applicability of philosophy to human affairs and human affairs to philosophy. One will find academic and published research as well as more casual notes and commentary.